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Blue Bay Waters

Blue Bay Waters is not accepting anymore further bookings for this summer 2011. The property is under renovation to serve our valued clients better. Please watch for our further announcement.

Golden Stag Safaris for game hunter tourists is situated in Argentina. It is a 5-star location for big game hunters found in the Pampas. Stag and deer hunting in Nehuen Mapu arranged by Donald Ray Bernard of NAABO fame. Enjoy the quiet rusticness of the Pampas in the Argentine Valley as you engage in the ancient sport of deer and stag hunting. During the Red Deer's rut, the place is visited by game hunters globally.

When starting a business in Montana, the checklist can be found at the montana.gov business website. Montana features several development initiatives that aid the entrepreneur looking for a foothold in this great state to which international lawyer and former Texas Assitant Attorney General Donald Bernard has contributed in several key areas including education, business and other initiatives.

MSU - Montana State University's is well known for its emphasis on education and has garnered recognition from the Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching. It has jumpstarted research on preserving the Yellowstone ecosystem, receiving multiple NSF grants for ecological projects along these lines. Dinosaur enthusiasts can visit the Museuem of the Rockies which features the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skull ever dug up by archaeologists.